A demake of StarFox (SNES) made for GBJam 6. Shoot down enemy ships, collect powerups, and defeat the boss to complete your objective! I tried to imagine what StarFox would have been like had it been made for the GameBoy first; I figured the name would have been totally different too.


  • Arrow Keys: D-Pad; move the ship. Double-tap left or right to roll and deflect enemy blaster bolts.
  • X: A button; fire blasters.
  • Z: B button; launch bomb. Press while bomb is in flight to detonate it early.
  • Spacebar: Start button; pause.
  • 0 - 9: Choose color palette.


  • Music: Adjust music volume (only really affects the pause game sound)
  • Sound: Adjust sound effects volume
  • Background: Toggle between using a tiled background or solid color

I added some palettes like the ones you get when playing a GB game on the GameBoy Advance, for a little fun and because the original GB palette I found had poor contrast between the two lightest colors. I used WebAudio to generate the sound effects, and I couldn't figure out how to imigate the GameBoy's noise generator, so I just stuck with oscillators for everything.

This one really came down to the wire. I ran out of time to write any music, and I haven't tested it in any browsers apart from Firefox. I almost had to scrap the second level, but I opted to shorten it so I didn't have to abandon the second boss I'd designed.

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