You begin in a large room, empty save yourself and the Guide. Explore the surrounding areas, examining decorations and talking with the others who have come before you. There might be an exit to this place, though hardly anyone seems eager to leave.

It may be too pretentious for its own good: don't spend too much time thinking about it. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Made for Bitsy Jam (One Room) using the Bitsy game creation tool by Adam Ledoux:


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Just barely stumbled into the exit but glad I could find it! A lot of effort clearly went into this. Nice work!

I love how huge the world is! The boss was one of the most interesting ways I've seen Bitsy used for battle. I also really love the fact that there are multiple endings, I'm still trying to get the secret ending. The color changes for the different areas was a nice detail that helped make the individual sections stand out from each other.

Thanks! A little level planning can go a long way!

I love when a game does something that seems to break its own rules; that's how I came up with the idea for the boss. I think a bunch of other entries in this jam did a great job with that sort of thing.

Very nice story. You've got way too much time in your hands! :D Might need some music to set different moods. Thank you for this!


Thank you! I thought about adding music, but I decided to stick with just what the Bitsy editor can provide. I agree: music is so important for establishing a mood.