Made for the Awful Summer Jam 2018 - Unnecessary Sequels, but not finished before the deadline. I posted this mostly to incentivize myself to complete it.

You are the infamous white whale, Moby-Dick. After the latest attempt on your life by the Captain Ahab and the Pequod, you've had enough! It's time to take the fight to the whalers, thrash their seaports, and end whaling once and for all...


  • Mouse: move to aim the whale on the overworld and in battle.
  • Primary Mouse Button (left by default, or right if using reverse buttons): move the whale or activate ramming speed once it's been charged.
  • Secondary Mouse Button (the opposite button): charge up for ramming speed when in battle.


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It has a funny idea and what's there in terms of movement seems to work nicely, not realistic, but has a lot of speed. I guess it'd be interesting to see what this would look like when finished.

If you're interested, you'd be welcome to enter our game-making contest, with this or another game.